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Prince!Marco x Peasant!Reader {Crowns}
    Marco smiled as he walked through the peaceful garden. It was late in the day, and the freckled boy had some free time after a few days full of paperwork and Prince training that his parents pushed on him. Sometimes, it was tough to be a Prince, but Marco knew that everything he does would pay off in the end.
    He adjusted the gold crown atop his head. It was fairly simple, just a gleaming gold encrusted with a few diamonds. It was nice, and Marco liked it, but his father's complex crown was also very exciting. Marco remembered running around with it for a whole day when he was younger, and it kept falling into his eyes and blocking his vision. Marco smiled at the memory.
    He suddenly heard a light, beautiful voice flowing through the air. It was clearly female, and it soothed Marco. He quietly searched around until he found a girl sitting near the roses, singing to herself with her eyes closed. The freckled Prince smiled widel
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 54 30
We'll see each other again .. Some day .
We were care free
The world didn't stop our speed
But we tumbled over our heel
"Come on , Gilbirt ! Just a few more miles till the next town !" Berlin shouted , as she looked in the distance . Her personality was unique as well as her looks . Two Prussians , one road , let's see . Her older brother , who carried his old backpack , caught up with her , his gaze following hers .
"Yeah , just a bit more . You know . . . It has been quite some time since we're on the road , do you think anyone at our old village misses us ?" He questioned , with his usual sly grin . He was one with the questions , bullshit ! She was the one to ask , he was to answer .
"Nah , I doubt it . Now , onward !" She said , as she sprinted down the hill , almost tumbling down . As for Prussians were fast and mature , she was the opposite to mature .. both of them were . As they finally got to the village , everyone glanced at them , weird looks and small whispers being thrown at them in secret . Everyone looked so a
:icontrickster92:Trickster92 3 34
Paper Airplanes - Jean x Reader (High School AU)
The shrill rings of the third period school bell rang out into the air and through the halls of Sina High. Soon after, rowdy teenagers filed into the large corridor finding their way to the next class. Somewhere within the mass was [name]. Her classmates knew her as somewhat of a dreamer, she didn't pay much attention to the teachers(which didn't seem to fit her grades as she got perfect scores on tests and turned in all homework) but she always had a smile on her face and that warm smile could brighten anyone's day. Well, anyone but Jean Kirstein. He seemed to despise the girl in all her carefree glory.
Jean, for whatever reason, was aggravated that she was always so happy and in the clouds. He would tell his friends that she needed a serious ‘reality-check’ while mumbling incoherent insults about her ignorance. It was obvious however, to all except Jean, that this girl had a MASSIVE crush on him. It would take all but 2 minutes to see how head-over-heels she was for the b
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hello hello i'm back from a painful no internet hiatus uwu

this ain't old but why is dA filled with nazi fanart

APH Manila <3

she's really photogenic and loves having her picture taken

and yes the lighting was crappy
Okay, since I have more free time now, I can do stuff like these ;u;

Tagged by Trickster92
rules: tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

  name: Francesca Beatrice Miranda, and I am a proud Filipino!

 star sign : Leo

 average hours of sleep : honestly I can't even tell anymore

 lucky number(s) : 8 (my birthday)

 last thing googled : Bunnies (I love bunnies ok)

 favorite fictional character(s) :
Hetalia: France, Romania, the Italian brothers, all the APH girls, Spain, America, Russia, Canada, Prussia, Germany, Japan, ok you know what I love them all

Attack on Titan: So. Frickin. Many. I love all the AoT girls in general (okay, I'll admit I was gay for Mikasa at some point). And I love all the AoT boys, especially Marco (why did he have to die ;-;).

Danganronpa: I can't pick a favorite. But I'll list some of my favorites. Togami, as you can see from my profile picture, Chihiro, Kirigiri, Nanami, Tsumiki, Naegi (of course!), Asahina, Sakura, Fukawa, Hajime, Peko, and Sonia!

 current attire : a green baggy physical education shirt and slightly baggy pajama pants

 when did you start this account? : I honestly don't know. I don't keep track ^^;

 number of watchers : I think I have about 5-7 watchers ^^;… but that's okay!

 what do you post? : I'll start posting digital art. Traditional art too.

 other blogs : I'm on Tumblr, Gmail, and Quotev.

 do you get a lot of comments : Not really…

 why did you choose this username? : I really liked bacon, okay. And I was struggling to find a good username.

 tags :

(Ugh I don't know how to use icons yet, forgive me)

- danielle-the-killer

- flutterpen123

- 2pAmericarules2016

- DaZeli

- ImperatizDeSetas

- I think that's all, sorry… ^^;


TheOfficialBacon's Profile Picture

my name's francesca but you can call me france

so i'm a beginner in online art

my fandoms are

- Hetalia

- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

- Danganronpa


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